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Work Experience


Work Experience is a powerful personal development activity for a young person that is often a critical part of their preparation for employment. Work Experience is a key element in a young person's development resulting in increased self-confidence, increased maturity, a positive attitude to world of work and a better understanding of future career opportunities & employer's expectations.

EBP Kent offers a full range of Work Experience Programmes including:
Block placements
One day per week
Places designed around a specific vocational curriculum
Pre-apprenticeship placements

Post 16 Work Experience programme, giving your students quality vocational opportunities

All partner schools can tailor their Work Experience programmes to match their career/employability strategy.
email your queries to info@ebpkent.co.uk

Work Experience Programme - How we work together:
School / College
EBP Kent
Translate the work related learning experiences into students' individual learning plans recognising success and areas for further development
Support all students
Communicate with all parties
Keep to all deadlines
Provide course outline if required
Visit students
Certificate for every student
Find appropriate placements
Complete Health & Safety Checks
Inform employer of relevant course content
Confirm to the employer in writing
Provide each student with a WEX Diary
Support schools with an on-line system
Provide Health & Safety Preparation
In School WEX Preparation
School WEX debrief
Provide suitable opportunity
Provide the RA
Link to Course
Provide specialist information
Fill in risk assessment
EBP Kent - Follow us on Twitter