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Our aims are to enrich the curriculum, actively engage employers in the development of their future workforce and equip young people with a better understanding of personal skills and their future choices.

Employer feedback states that there is limited time and resources to meet the demands of every institution. Solution - EBP Kent bringing all institutions together to maximise employer engagement.

An electric year for EBP Kent, with our services in high demand!

Prices remain the same, bolstered by new free activities and Platinum Partnership incentives.

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Find out the kind of activities available for you and your students through 'Your pad'

Kent students have generated a multitude of innovative and marketable ideas over the years.

Every year we continue to inspire young people of Kent, here's what they've got to say!

Regularly updated, find out what our schools, colleges and employers have been up to!

EBP Kent - Royal Harbour Academy, Ramsgate

Our new location is the wonderful Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate.
Exciting times ahead!

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